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Supernatural/Western - When Lane McCrae confronts the outlaw that murdered his family, the battle leaves him fatally wounded. He is visited by the Devil (Eric Roberts), who offers him a deal that would save the lives of both he and his brother, but instead makes him a bounty hunter for Hell replacing his predecessor (Martin Kove). When Zathera (Lorraine Ziff), the embodiment of death, walks the earth, it's up to Lane, Hawk and their team to stop her before she wipes out humanity.

Written by Frank Zanca


Never A Never Land MovieCo-Producer


FAVORITE PLACE TO BE: Surrounded by love, family, good friends, food and happy music

FAVORITE PEOPLE: People who are authentic and real, with good hearts, kind spirits and positive attitudes.

TOP 3 MOVIES OR BOOKS: The Bible, The Tao of Pooh, "Its a Wonderful Life" Music to your ears: Learning that I was able to help someone in some way and it was appreciated.

PASSIONS AND PURPOSE: To help, to care give, to listen, to guide, to be strong for others and to be the best person I can be. My family means the world to me and being with them and caring for them makes me happy. The theatrical arts have always been a passion and if a story can be shared with meaning, movement and success I am thrilled and grateful!

WHY SWAZILAND? I grew up very humble, but with parents to guide me and teach me right from wrong and to show me the way. I have been very fortunate in my life. The children of Swaziland have nothing, yet they appreciate everything. They certainly should not be without their family too! If just one person believes in another, they can make a difference. We can, so we do.


Many in the entertainment industry have ambitious dreams of being known for more than one talent. Many believe the rise of the multi-talented entertainment individuals that dabble in several trades is a relatively new phenomenon, but many seem to forget that the actor, Charlie Chaplin was also a director, producer, film music composer and writer! It was the these thoughts and many others that crossed this Examiner.com columnist's mind as he talked to Lorraine Bencivengo Ziff-the multi-talented actress, executive producer and story editor of the in production film entitled, Six Gun Savior.

The interview was conducted under wondrous and threatening storm clouds within the famous location known as "Melody Ranch". Lorraine Bencivengo Ziff was in full make-up as her character who is called Zathera. Her appearance gave subtle clues who her character truly is-Death! Her eyes were fitted with amber cat-like contact lenses and she wore a slightly off red voluminous wig which completely changed her normal visage with one of her most striking features being that of cascading blonde hair that the late actress, Marilyn Monroe would surely be envious of.

Although Lorraine would cause most to pause and stare in admiration, Ziff's beauty is matched by the amazing amount of industry talents that she seemingly effortlessly weaves into the tapestry of her life. Lorraine begins, "I went to college for acting and theater, as well as for journalism. That's how I got started. I actually met my husband on the set of Muppets Take Manhattan a million years ago!" It was immediately apparent that Lorraine loves to challenge herself and a glance at her resume reinforces this notion. Ziff clarifies, "I did a million other things from law school to social work." It was at this point that an assistant on the set called for her and I was able to observe her mysterious and bewitching acting as Death. Her portrayal of the Grim Reaper was that of a painfully resigned agent of change. Although it should be stated that my observations of her in that role is speculation, I was immediately drawn by Ziff's almost reluctant use of her character's powers when drawn to usher another hapless soul to the either!

Time passed and the director yelled for a pause to regroup and check angles and lighting. As if on cue, Lorraine returned and continued to discuss her various responsibilities. Ziff speaks, "I did a whole bunch of other stuff along with the acting." Lorraine adds, "I got back into this again and I am doing both the producing piece of it as well as the acting." Lorraine punctuates the comments with an infectious laugh. Ziff amusingly adds, "I am also doing the writing piece of it! My parents would be happy that I am using my graduate degree!" She modestly adds this coda, "it is nice being able to combine things."

There are a number of famous family names that have been part of Hollywood since the first moment movies where created. Famous surnames immediately that come to mind include, Barrymore, Chaney, Sutherland and Sheen. Perhaps it might be early to add the surname, Ziff to the group, but a mere glance at the talent in the family would probably convince even the most of cautious of gamblers to bet on the name. Lorraine adds with a mother's pride, "I have been really fortunate as I have been able to work with my son, Matthew Ziff. My son is twenty-one years old and he is in his glory with this story(Six Gun Savior). It is the greatest success to be able to work with my son!"

Another feather in Lorraine's hat is the fact that she is also a working voice actor. Ziff explains, "my stuff has been mainly featured in commercials. When you hear that soothing female voice on a commercial-that is usually me!" Lorraine amusingly adds, "Sleep-aids, asthma stuff and anything that helps people in distress and you hear someone with a calm voice-that's usually me!"

Lorraine details several fascinating plans for Six Gun Savior. Ziff comments, "we want to release the film theatrically first. They eventually want to make this into a television show down the road, but after a theatrical release." Lorraine delves into the origin of the film which began as web series. Ziff illuminates, "Frank Zanca who originally created it with Kirk Murray who is our director had sat down and wrote it. They showed us three episodes of the web series. Frank ​gave me a copy of the script and Larry(Ziff) and I took a look at it. After looking at the script I could see this on the big screen! We really believe in the project, so that is why we took it to the next level." Lorraine adds with a genuinely lovely smile, "it's a great project and the cast is fantastic. I feel like I am living the dream!"

Films that are set in a certain time period present challenges that range from costume recreation to dialect of speaking. Lorraine addresses this issue, "there is so much production design to what we have done. We have kept everything authentic. Every costume, every gun-everything is authentic and I think that adds something to it! It happens to be one of Frank's passions. Everybody on this set has a passion for this time era."

There is an air of quiet and confident authority when speaking to Lorraine. She is a self made woman who speaks with pride about the business and her family alike. In a business that often challenges the longevity of relationships, Ziff is happily married and has successfully raised two sons. It is a testament to Lorraine Bencivengo Ziff that she is able to juggle so many roles in such a successful and amazing manner. Mother, wife, actress, story editor and executive producer are roles that Ziff seems to thrive on. This columnist is firmly convinced that the surname will one day be recognized as yet another Hollywood family dynasty of which fans will be scanning credits to decide whether or not to see a film or television series!


Lorraine's New Film "Treachery"

Never A Never Land Movie

The team of BlancBiehn Productions is hard at work on their upcoming thriller ‘Treachery’, penned and directed by Travis Romero. We have the first intriguing poster artwork for you, and some behind the scenes impressions.

‘Treachery’ captures the controversy between Henry and his estranged son, Nathan. Reunited at a friend’s small wedding party in a remote cabin, Henry and Nathan have their usual awkward interactions. Nathan, accompanied by his girlfriend Cecilia, seeks his father’s approval. Cecilia’s presence only adds to Henry’s discomfort, forcing him to want to leave, but a storm hits, trapping them in the cabin and headed for the worst along with the rest of the group. None of them really realize what is truly in store.

‘Treachery’ features an impressive cast of actors with Michael Biehn (The Terminator, Aliens, The Abyss, Tombstone), Jennifer Blanc-Biehn (The Victim, Dark Angel, CSI, The Divide), Sarah Butler (CSI, The Philly Kid, I spit on your grave), Caitlin Keats (Kill Bill, Broken English), Matthew Ziff (Truck Stop, Hardflip), Chris Meyer (Sex And The City, CSI Miami, Law & Order SVU) and Richard Gunn (Dark Angel, The Mentalist, Dexter, SCI). ‘Treachery’ is currently filming in Sherman Oaks, California and is produced by BlancBiehn Productions in association with Pegasus Productions.

Hollywood’s newest Heartthrob

Never A Never Land Movie

Magic Image Hollywood Magazine met Matthew Ziff at the 6th annual ITVFest Television/Film Festival and noted his smooth demeanor and intense good looks.  As a result of this, Matthew has been chosen to be on the cover of this issue.  As an actor in Hollywood, Matthew is on the cusp of what is sure to be an illustrious career.  Working hard and giving his all to the craft, as an actor/producer, has paid off for Matthew. This is noted by his quick rise in not only his IMDB ranking’s, but as one of Hollywood’s top ranked young actors under 25.  Pulling aside the curtain to take a look into the life of Matthew Ziff,Magic Image Magazine did an in-depth interview to see just who this young man really is.

MIHM: How long have you been working in the entertainment industry? And how did you get into it?

MZ: I have literally been working in the entertainment industry my whole life.  I started out modeling with the Wilhelmina Modeling Agency in NY, and shot my very first print ad for a baby outfit at two months old. I went on to do many commercials and even appeared on the Conan O’Brian show as a young child.

MIHM: What does it feel like to know that you are ranked in the top 100 young male celebrities under the age of 25?

MZ: Truly amazing.  I never would have imagined that happening.  It feels really good.

MIHM: We hear that Michael Biehn has kind of taken you under his wing?  What is that like?  Are you going to be working on any projects in the future with him?

MZ: Michael is truly an amazing man.  He is a wonderful person, kind, polite, nice, and very easy to work with. I am learning a tremendous amount from him as he is very well respected and truly knows what he is doing. I am just absorbing it all. We will be working on some projects in 2012, but I can’t talk about them yet.

MIHM: So your mother, Lorraine Ziff, is an actress as well? What does she think about you being in the business?

MZ: : Its really funny, but my mother and father met when they were college students, that had been hired as extras for the movie Muppets Take Manhattan. I have had the pleasure to be able to work with her on a few projects this year, and she is very supportive. Acting is in my blood (laughing).

MIHM: What are some of your most recent projects?

MZ: I recently worked on Mansion of Blood with Gary Busey, Robert Picardo, Carla Laemmle, and Lorraine Ziff. I will be filming Six Gun Savior (a sci-fi western) with Don Stark (That 70’s Show), Martin Kove (Karate Kid, Cagney and Lacey), and Tim Russ (Star Trek Voyager) in January. I was recently cast, by horror legend Danielle Harris, for her directorial project Among Friends, which starred Jennifer Blanc (Dark Angel, The Victim).

MIHM: You are not only an actor, but a producer as well.  Can you tell us more about that?

MZ: I really wanted to do more to learn about my industry. I am an associate producer on Mansion of Blood, and a co-producer on  Never a Neverland. This is a Documentary about the orphans in Swaziland.  By the year 2020, if something is not done about the aids epidemic, there will only be children left.  It’s a terrible and sad situation.  I am also co-producing Six Gun Savior, which we are shooting in January. 

MIHM: Do you have any projects that we can see in the theaters in the near future?

MZ: Yes, the film Hardflip with Randy Wayne, John Schneider and Roseanna Arquette is scheduled to be in theaters sometime in the spring.

MIHM: What about your personal life? Do you have anything interesting that you would like to disclose to your fans?

MZ: Not many people know this, but I am on my college Quidditch team. I like to race my Dodge Viper on the race-track, I play base guitar, alto sax, and I study Kendo and Hapkido, with a 2nd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

MIHM: A large amount of our readers are female, and are going to want to know are you single or seeing anyone seriously?

MZ: (Laughing) I have a lot of female friends.  Legally? I’m single!!!!