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Actors Reporter and Live Video Inc host Kurt Kelly interviews Lorraine Ziff, co-producer of the feature film, "Six Gun Savior", starring Eric Roberts, Martin Kove, Tim Russ, and Matthew Ziff.

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Lorraine Ziff's Six Gun Savior

The New Supernatural Western in Which Death Rules the World - or Does She?

Being a western fanatic, and the author of a ten-book western romance series - soon to become western films - I had the honor of visiting the western film set of Six Gun Savior for two days after winning an online contest. Here is my interview with Lorraine Ziff - actor, producer, executive producer, and story editor - of Six Gun Savior.

1) Lorraine, tell us about your film Six Gun Savior? This is a supernatural western that involves cowboys and Indians, angels and demons and questions of good and evil. Its all about choices and the consequences that come from those choices. Deals are made that maybe should not be, but they are done in the name of good....some that you think are good are bad and vice versa...Our film is very authentically western, with the added benefit of "something more". Its a story of chances, hope, and attempted redemption.

On IMDB, the story in its most basic form is explained as this: When Lane McCrae (Kaleo Griffith) confronts the outlaw that murdered his family, (Blaine Gray as Grant Dillon), the battle leaves him fatally wounded. He is visited by the Devil (Eric Roberts), who offers him a deal that would save the lives of both he and his brother, (Adam LeClaire) but instead makes him a bounty hunter for Hell replacing his predecessor (Martin Kove). When Zathera,(Lorraine Ziff), the embodiment of death, walks the earth, it's up to Lane, Hawk (Matthew Ziff) and their team (Michele Rose as Elizabeth Russell and and Maya Tremblay as Muna), to stop her before she wipes out humanity. They are not the only ones hunting Zathera though -- there are others who want to reach Zathera first, with plans of their own!

In addition to our fantastic cast listed above, we are fortunate to have some amazing actors in our film, including Eric Roberts (Dark Knight, Expendables) and Martin Kove, (Karate Kid, Rambo), Luciana Carro, (Blades of Glory, Falling Skies), Tim Russ (Live Free or Die Hard, Star Trek), Jason Matthew Smith (Star Trek), Paul Borghese (Transamerica, The Family), Anthony DeLongis (Gangsta Squad), Matthew Ziff (Treachery, Hardflip)

2) Lorraine, how did you get involved in the film? Were you involved from the very beginning - writing - or were you sent the script, and got involved? Amanda, I was not involved in the beginning. Frank Zanca, one of the Writers and I were introduced with the idea that some synergy might exist. He wanted to get funding together for a project. I wanted to get involved with a project, both as an actor, along with my son Matthew Ziff (www.matthewziff.com) as well as a Producer (directly working on the production) and an Executive Producer (providing the funding). He and our Director, Kirk Murray were working on a supernatural western webisode. They had three short scenes shot and Frank, who wrote the script, along with Kirk, brought his computer to lunch for me to see what they had so far. What I saw was good, but needed work and needed money to take it any further. Still, I saw the potential of taking this from a web series to turning it into either a television show or a full length feature. Frank agreed to provide me with the script and once I read that, I was "all in". Six Gun Savior was different from any other story I had read and that intrigued me. I had tons of scripts coming across my desk each day working as a story editor, an actor and someone who was looking to produce. Not one of them intrigued and entertained me the way Six Gun Savior did. The script offered so much potential! In addition to my other roles, I got involved as the Story Editor to make sure that the story flowed and would be clear to an audience. Frank, Kirk and I worked hard to make sure the script made sense. Each character has a true voice and an arc. Each character is three dimensional and the story just rocks!

Frank Zanca is an amazing writer. He writes with humor and his words are authentic. Kirk Murray was an amazing Director. He began his career as a professional editor, and he directed us with an eye for exactly what he needed and what he didn't. That really helped us get the very best shots possible. What we have now is an amazing Supernatural Western full length feature that is clever and packed with action, thrills, authenticity, comedy, romance, special effects and material for discussion once you leave the theatre...

3) Tell us about your character? My character's name is Zathera. I am the human embodiment of death...(and looking pretty sexy I might add! LOLOL!) I am brought back by a very greedy human who would love to control me, gain my power and be rid of me. He has big plans for my power...but he underestimates me...I see myself as this very good soul who doesn't want people to suffer and who always offers the option of a "free soul" or revenge. Let me repeat...I see myself as good. I am not sure that everyone else does. But then, that is a question for our movie audience!

4) The western is slowly coming back - I'm one of those people who vow to make this happen. What is it about your western film that stands out above all the other western films out there? What will make this western film special? Well, first of all, we have angels and demons, heaven and hell in ours. Other westerns may IMPLY good and evil but we SHOW it! :) In addition, Six Gun Savior is unique in that its not on any "Hollywood lot" -- its all set on several true western ranches; one of which is Melody Ranch, where every famous western has been filmed. Walking on those streets was such a thrill because we were walking on history! Every gun we use is authentic too. We took great pains to be as authentic to the time period and to the western as possible. Bringing in angels and demons to drive home the "good vs. bad" factor is unique.

5) Would you like to see this western on the big screen, or is it better suited for the small screen? In a perfect world, it appears on the big screen first. I really would love to see this in the movie theatre and it offers so much action, it would be a shame not to show it that way first. Then it could become a series on TV, then go to DVD. I really think, with all the huge battle scenes we have as well as the special effects, this is truly worth seeing on the big screen!

6) Where did you film Six Gun Savior? Melody Ranch, also known as Valuzet Ranch is the place where many famous westerns have been filmed. In addition, we filmed at Sable Ranch, Sherayko Ranch and White Horse Ranch. There was a lot of running around and a lot of ranches!

7) Are you a huge fan of westerns? I LOVE westerns! I have a huge collection of DVDs from the oldies but goodies to the classics to the more "modern day" ones. I was happy to see True Grit in the movies. I took that as a sign of good things to come. The feedback we have gotten from so many people about our movie based upon what they see so far (we are on Face Book and our website, www.sixgunsavior.com), is exciting and very, very encouraging! The thing about Westerns is, the men are rugged and sexy and the women are strong and sexy. The genre is primal and raw and real. Its all about right and wrong, good and bad. We took all of those elements and bumped them up a notch. We have a beautiful cast and there is truly "something for everyone". There's good, bad, revenge, gun play, wars and romance, horse back riding and COWBOYS!! You really can't get any better than that!

8) What challenges have you faced making Six Gun Savior? Well, making sure funds are present and the movie is both on budget and on schedule are always challenges in the movie business, of course. Those things bring their own amount of stress, especially when you are trying to avoid overtime! We had an amazing cast and crew but filming in 100 degree heat in the middle of a desert when there is no air and the makeup is literally sweating off of the actor's face as we filmed was another challenge. Couple all that heat with different egos and personalities and at times there was that challenge also. In addition to my acting life, I am a licensed psychotherapist. That came in handy. For all we went through to make this film though, I have truly come to think of this cast and crew as extended family. I am fiercely loyal and protective of them even now that the film is done shooting!

My personal challenge was just how physical my role was. I am thrown around, jumping in and out of fires and barefoot in every scene. I had splinters in my hands and feet and fireants crawl on my arms. I wore a velvet dress and a wig that must have weighed about 100 pounds...in the desert...in the heat...and I had the worst cat-eye contact lenses ever! I had never worn contacts so that was a challenge. But dry contacts that spin in different directions while the winds whipped through the ranches? My eyes hated me! LOL! I would come home each night and just stand in the shower and let the water run over me for quite a long time. It always looked like I had half the desert on my body and I would wait until the water turned from black to tan to finally clear, which always took awhile. The amount of desert that came off me each time never ceased to amaze me! Still, I am a very physical person (as well as a 3rd degree black belt) so when the Director said, "We need you to do....." I was always up for whatever crazy thing they wanted me to do! And I always had fun doing it!

For every challenge though, there was greatness. We had excellent production value time and time again. And its all things we could never have hoped to plan on our own. It all just happened! For example, while filming one night, we had the added sound of real wolves howling (yes we were freaked out because they were really close but we kept the camera rolling because we just couldn't plan this sort of thing!) Another time, grave diggers refer to the fog rolling in. As it happened, the fog really did role in, in the most eery way! Again, perfect for production value! We knew this film would provide plenty of challenges. To keep everyone happy, I made sure we had awesome catered food available pretty much around the clock. Jon at Crafty Caterers took wonderful care of us all. That was better than anything we might have been challenged with! A well fed cast and crew is a happy cast and crew!

9) Would you love to make another western? Sure if the right project presented itself. I have a lot of experience now! LOL!

by Amanda A. Brooks, Yahoo Contributor

Never A Never Land Movie

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happens to be one of Frank's passions. Everybody on this set has a passion for this time era."

There is an air of quiet and confident authority when speaking to Lorraine. She is a self made woman who speaks with pride about the business and her family alike. In a business that often challenges the longevity of relationships, Ziff is happily married and has successfully raised two sons. It is a testament to Lorraine Bencivengo Ziff that she is able to juggle so many roles in such a successful and amazing manner. Mother, wife, actress, story editor and executive producer are roles that Ziff seems to thrive on. This columnist is firmly convinced that the surname will one day be recognized as yet another Hollywood family dynasty of which fans will be scanning credits to decide whether or not to see a film or television series!


Lorraine Bencivengo Ziff-a portrait of ambition

Lorraine Bencivengo Ziff-a portrait of ambition

By Oscar Benjamin - Entertainment Events Examiner

Many in the entertainment industry have ambitious dreams of being known for more than one talent. Many believe the rise of the multi-talented entertainment individuals that dabble in several trades is a relatively new phenomenon, but many seem to forget that the actor, Charlie Chaplin was also a director, producer, film music composer and writer! It was the these thoughts and many others that crossed this Examiner.com columnist's mind as he talked to Lorraine Bencivengo Ziff-the multi-talented actress, executive producer and story editor of the in production film entitled, Six Gun Savior.

The interview was conducted under wondrous and threatening storm clouds within the famous location known as "Melody Ranch". Lorraine Bencivengo Ziff was in full make-up as her character who is called Zathera. Her appearance gave subtle clues who her character truly is-Death! Her eyes were fitted with amber cat-like contact lenses and she wore a slightly off red voluminous wig which completely changed her normal visage with one of her most striking features being that of cascading blonde hair that the late actress, Marilyn Monroe would surely be envious of.

Although Lorraine would cause most to pause and stare in admiration, Ziff's beauty is matched by the amazing amount of industry talents that she seemingly effortlessly weaves into the tapestry of her life. Lorraine begins, "I went to college for acting and theater, as well as for journalism. That's how I got started. I actually met my husband on the set of Muppets Take Manhattan a million years ago!" It was immediately apparent that Lorraine loves to challenge herself and a glance at her resume reinforces this notion. Ziff clarifies, "I did a million other things from law school to social work." It was at this point that an assistant on the set called for her and I was able to observe her mysterious and bewitching acting as Death. Her portrayal of the Grim Reaper was that of a painfully resigned agent of change. Although it should be stated that my observations of her in that role is speculation, I was immediately drawn by Ziff's almost reluctant use of her character's powers when drawn to usher another hapless soul to the either!

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